The NYPD's Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA), is the fourth largest police union which represents more than 12,000 active and retired police sergeants of the New York Police Department. The union is headed by Sgt. Ed Mullins, a 30 year veteran and President of the SBA for the last 12 years. In June 2014, Sgt. Mullins was reelected to a fourth term as SBA president.

An independent union, the SBA acts as the collective bargaining unit for those officers during contract negotiations with the City of New York, and manages a variety of other projects -- including health and welfare programs, political outreach efforts and community service initiatives -- for the benefit of its members and their families.

The breadth of the association's activities is wide, but above all else, the SBA is an advocate for New York's police sergeants, the officers who stand at the Frontline of our nation's largest metropolitan police department.

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