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Social and Digital Media

Five Ways to Use Social Media PR During Disasters

Though it is sad to say that this nation has been visited by more than its fair share of tragedy in the last year, both […]

Digital Media PR, Social and Digital Media, Social Media Agency/June 12th, 2013/

Five Qualities of Newsworthy PR

In the field of Public Relations, there is one cardinal rule; whatever steps you take in creating spin or buzz, it has to be picked […]

5 Necessary Social Media Tools to Build A Brand

You may have seen various infographics and memes humorously explaining the point of various social media outlets. They’re often good for a laugh, but in […]

Digital Media PR, Social and Digital Media, Social Media Agency/May 28th, 2013/

3 Ways Wifi in the Sky makes Business Travel More Effective

The New York Times recently published an article stating that the FCC has advanced its plans for faster in-flight WiFi service. This has business travelers […]

Social and Digital Media, Travel & Hospitality/May 27th, 2013/

5 Ways NOT to Handle Negative Press

Everyone from Facebook to Reddit, to the Washington Post and NY Daily News is talking about a Scottsdale, Arizona, restaurant, Amy’s Baking Company says Ronn […]

Acting Locally to Expand a Brand Globally

Sometimes, when thinking about major corporate public relations, there is a tendency to think big first. Of course, when your target market is regional, national […]

Corporate & Technology, Social and Digital Media/May 10th, 2013/

Social Media PR Tactics Every PR Firm Must Use

Times are changing and social media is everywhere you look these days. It is extremely crucial for a PR firm to know the newest social […]

Social and Digital Media, Social Media Agency/April 26th, 2013/

5 Essential Communication Strategies for New York PR Firms

New York is the understood and unrivaled champion of worldwide communication. PR firms in NY that want to thrive must continue to find new ways […]

Social and Digital Media/April 23rd, 2013/