Does Your PR Firm Package Success?

For the public relations professional, success can occasionally unexpectedly, but most often it is the result of careful planning and well-executed strategy. To consistently package success for its clients, a PR firm must perform at least five things effectively.

PR firms develop a consistent message

Whether crafting a precise press release about a specific, timely topic, or producing copy which defines a company to its market, a controlled, consistent message is vital. Intentionally general content can lead to speculation, which, in the right circumstances can translate into PR gold. But, unintentionally vague messages usually create confusion. No matter what the market, confused or uneasy consumers are neither emotionally nor psychologically inclined to do further research and will not connect with the brand.

PR firms shape public image and guide public perception

No matter what you do, it must be accessible and applicable to your market. If the people you are marketing to cannot or do not understand who you are and what you do, they will not make a decision to buy. 5wPR understands how to effectively package what our clients do and what makes them unique, and then communicates that to the desired market in a way that generates a positive response. Public image is about more than just how consumers see a brand. More important is how they interact with that brand and how they explain that brand to others. It can be as complex and nuanced as how a music fan feels about their favorite band and as universal as someone saying “Red Robin” and everyone else shouting “YUM!”

PR firms maintain consistency across media platforms

Brands today must be conscious of more than just the major media and their own websites. In a world where email can bring about the downfall of one of the most powerful soldiers on the planet, YouTube can create a music superstar and Twitter can define entertainment and politics, the vital importance of maintaining a consistent and controlled message across ALL media platforms cannot be overstated.

PR firms protect brands in crisis

When confronted with a crisis, it can be feel natural to just ignore it and hope it goes away or publically pretend like there’s nothing rotten in Denmark. 5wPR understands the importance of getting out in front of a crisis before it spins out of control, of confronting it head on with honesty and integrity, admitting fault where necessary, and making things right. We have guided many clients successfully through these storms, and understand how to get through them back into the calmer waters on the other side.

PR firms effectively manage social media

The key to success with social media is the experience. What compels people to respond emotionally, to share and to comment? 5wPR not only helps our clients answer these questions, we also develop cross platform applications that will create highly personal and relevant content tailored to generate positive responses.

By executing these five vital action steps, effectively framing conversations about our clients and controlling those conversations, 5wPR has helped many top companies find and maintain success. We’d love to hear from you if you need a PR Firm.