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Entertainment & Sports Marketing

Different PR Playbook for Representing Sports Celebrities

Super Bowl 50 officially kicks off Monday night, with the obligatory Media Day.  Starting this year the NFL will move Media Day from its traditional […]

Entertainment & Sports Marketing, Public Relations/February 1st, 2016/

Derek Jeter the PR Mastermind: Re2pect the Master

Derek Jeter had his 20 year professional baseball career come to an end this season. While he is widely regarded for being one of the […]

Branding, Entertainment & Sports Marketing, Inspiration, Public Relations/October 21st, 2014/

Kids These Days: Reactions to Rotary Phones, Older Computers and Walkmens

Kids today are used to computers. These computers fit into their pockets and run on their cell phones. Many of them have laptops and some […]

Hollywood Hashtaggers Infographic: Celebrity Moms and Personal Branding on Twitter

The days of hiding in the shadows are over for the modern day celebrity. In order to stay relevant and gain continued popularity these Hollywood […]

Spring Training was a PR Bonanza

MLB’s Grapefruit and Cactus league, who held spring training in Florida and Arizona, respectively, were great opportunities to get veterans back in game shape, and […]

Entertainment & Sports Marketing/April 3rd, 2014/

Vitali Klitschko Gets Back In The Ring

For those paying attention to the unsettling news from Ukraine, over 80  people were killed last week as political unrest turned into violence in the streets. The […]

Entertainment & Sports Marketing, Public Relations/March 4th, 2014/

Richard Sherman Is Already A Super Bowl Winner

January has been quite a month for Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman. Stuck at the center of a swirling media storm after his bizarre postgame interview, after the […]

Outlaw Tactics: Bonnie & Clyde Shoot to Kill with Simulcast

Ever complained that you have over 500 channels on cable but can’t find anything to watch? Last week, A&E networks took a gamble and lowered […]

Entertainment & Sports Marketing/December 20th, 2013/