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Public Relations

Three ways cryptocurrency is taking on PR

Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Dogecoin: you may have heard about it by now. In fact, the debate and hype around this latest innovation has rocketed out […]

Industry News, Public Relations/September 18th, 2018/

Campaign Recap: Indie Beauty Expo 2018

As a top independently-owned agency in the Beauty Communications space, it’s no surprise that the 5W team is obsessed with all things beauty. Nothing gets […]

5WPR News, Beauty & Fashion, Public Relations/September 13th, 2018/

PR Campaigns Still Need People

These days, in many media circles, you can’t throw a rock without hitting someone talking about data analytics. Buzzwords like “measurable metrics” and “big data” […]

Agency Life, Public Relations/September 9th, 2018/

Proactive Responses to a PR Crisis

Sometimes, a PR crisis happens when you least expect it. Something you say, do, or publish that you feel is perfectly innocuous sets off a […]

5WPR Workplace, Agency Life, Inspiration, Public Relations/September 6th, 2018/

How to Use an Editorial Calendar

Have you ever wished you had a message ready at just the right moment? Have you ever seen an opportunity come and go because you […]

5WPR Workplace, Agency Life, Public Relations/September 1st, 2018/

Fundamental PR Lessons from Last Year’s Big PR Messes

For those who would rather learn from others’ mistakes than make the same ones themselves, last year was a treasure trove of wisdom. Nearly every […]

Industry News, Media Relations, Public Relations/August 29th, 2018/

The Art of the Comeback: How These Companies Returned to Prominence

In business, you may be down, but that doesn’t mean you’re out. Plenty of brands have been in trouble, then fought their way back to […]

The PR Power of an Authentic Story

Yes, there can be a lot of flash and redirection in the course of a public relations campaign, but, at the heart of every campaign, […]

Crisis Communications, Inspiration, Media Relations, Public Relations/August 23rd, 2018/