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Public Relations

Proxy Communications PR Strategy: 5 Ways to Inform Shareholders

Investor relations is a growing specialization of PR firms, and it’s not just about notifying shareholders when a vote is being called and making proxy […]

Public Relations/October 19th, 2015/

How to Maximize Media Impressions in PR

Maximizing anything is a long-game effort. PR and media impressions are not an exception. So here are some of the steps to include in your […]

Public Relations/October 8th, 2015/

PR vs. Advertising: What’s the difference?

Not everyone realizes there is a big difference between advertising and public relations. That’s because they see it all as information found in media – […]

Public Relations/October 5th, 2015/

International PR Strategies to Grow Your Business Around the World

Public relations is a massive industry, and your business must invest in public relations at home and abroad. You are clear on what works in […]

Public Relations/September 15th, 2015/

Create Viral Campaigns with Measurable Results using the Ripple Marketing Effect


Any marketing director will admit that their primary focus is to consistently create content that will achieve viral status; however, far too many marketing campaigns […]

Digital Media PR, Public Relations/August 5th, 2015/

How to Stand Out In a Niche Food Market

The food and restaurant industry is a growing field that still has room for a great deal of growth. The secret is to find a […]

Food & Beverage, Public Relations/July 9th, 2015/

Quarter 3 Trends in Public Relations


Apologies to George Gershwin and DuBose Heyward for refuting lyrics to “Summertime,” the show tune from Broadway’s “Porgy and Bess.”

The livin’ may be easy […]

Digital Media PR, Industry News, Public Relations/July 6th, 2015/

Creating a Better Balance: Master your Work-Life Balance in the PR Industry


The public relations industry has some of the most involved jobs that take nearly all the time an individual can find. From pitching, growing a […]

Inspiration, Public Relations/June 29th, 2015/