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Public Relations

Using PR to Increase Awareness of Travel and Hospitality Destinations

Keeping tourist destinations hot and relevant is the where tourism and hospitality meet public relations. PR can raise the profile of emerging destinations and enhance […]

Branding, Public Relations, Travel & Hospitality/May 8th, 2015/

What is a Press Release?


Since a press release can offer any business many benefits and be a powerful tool for marketing, it is important for public relations professionals to […]

Digital Media PR, Public Relations/April 7th, 2015/

What Can Public Relations Professionals Learn From Mad Men?


It’s insane to think that we are about to say goodbye to Mad Men forever. The show about a 1960s advertising agency completely revolutionized television […]

Agency Life, Branding, Public Relations/April 6th, 2015/

How to Grow, Foster and Maintain a Relationship with a Journalist in Public Relations

As a PR practitioner, you are probably aware that the success of the organization that you represent mainly depends on media relations. A journalist who […]

Agency Life, Branding, Digital Media PR, Public Relations/April 2nd, 2015/

Trend Setters More Valuable than Ever on Social Media


Making an impact on social media is harder for brands now than it ever has been before. Every social media channel is filled with people […]

Public Relations, Social and Digital Media, Social Media Agency/March 24th, 2015/

What is Necessary For PR in 2015

Many public relations specialists are realizing that they need to update their skill set and services to remain competitive in an intense, crowded market. Here […]

Proactive Media Relations to Save Your Reputation

If you start to eat healthy during a heart attack, you certainly wouldn’t save your life. On the same note, if you wait until your […]

Digital Media PR, Public Relations/March 13th, 2015/

Make Your Point Quickly and Effectively

We live in a world that is built around creating and acting upon snap impressions rather than depending upon sedate examination of the facts. As […]

Public Relations/March 12th, 2015/