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Social and Digital Media

Social Media Crisis Communications

Social media has revolutionized communication. In July 2013, at the San Francisco International Airport, a Boeing 777 flight from Seoul, South Korea crashed at the […]

Crisis Communications, Social and Digital Media/October 20th, 2015/

Trend Setters More Valuable than Ever on Social Media


Making an impact on social media is harder for brands now than it ever has been before. Every social media channel is filled with people […]

Public Relations, Social and Digital Media, Social Media Agency/March 24th, 2015/

What is Necessary For PR in 2015

Many public relations specialists are realizing that they need to update their skill set and services to remain competitive in an intense, crowded market. Here […]

How PR Can Help You REALLY Launch Your Product or Idea

If you are planning to launch a new product or business, you need an effective  public relations strategy to tell the world about your endeavor. […]

Branding, Public Relations, Social and Digital Media, Startups/December 18th, 2014/

Using Social Media to Propel your Marketing

In order to inform their buying decisions, modern consumers are interested in finding out what others are saying about specific brands and products. Social media […]

Public Relations, Social and Digital Media, Social Media Agency/December 10th, 2014/

How to Become an Industry Thought Leader using Social Media


Social Media Marketing strategies assume a crucial role in any digital branding campaign. Many people use social networking sites to position themselves as thought leaders. […]

Public Relations, Social and Digital Media, Social Media Agency/December 4th, 2014/

SEO & PR: The Future of Digital Marketing

The notion that PR is the new SEO may seem strange, until you consider how drastically the search engine landscape has changed in recent years. […]

Industry News, Public Relations, Social and Digital Media/November 6th, 2014/

When Strategy Meets Sales: 6 PR Tips for Driving Sales

Someone once said, “it’s not your customer’s job to remember you, it’s your obligation to make sure they don’t have the chance to forget you”.  […]