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Technology PR

How to Align Your PR Strategy with SEO Trends

As the importance of digital marketing continues to reach new heights for modern businesses, SEO has become a critical component in getting the right people […]

Digital Media PR, Public Relations, Technology PR/July 9th, 2018/

5 Reasons to Start Using Instagram Influencer Marketing

Want a million followers on a social media network? The simplest solution could be to turn to influencer marketing. Brands and influencers all over the […]

The One “Must Learn” Rule Programmers Can Teach To PR Professionals

Technology Public relations professionals should take a cue from what programmers learned through failed attempts and revisions, making tech communications easy for anyone to understand.

Best […]

Technology PR/November 18th, 2015/

PR For Cloud Computing: 5WPR & Taking Your Goals To The Next Level

Cloud computing has impacted virtually every industry sector, offering location-free, scalable solutions to software and communications problems previously considered insurmountable. Though their output runs the […]

Technology Marketing, Technology PR/November 9th, 2015/

Top 5 Trends From CES

Every year, technology enthusiasts look forward to finding out what the coming trends will be at the international Consumer Electronics Show, and every year they […]

5WPR News, Industry News, Technology PR/January 12th, 2015/

Public Relations Campaign to Lead your Organic Search Strategy

These days, more and more business owners are using the internet to sell their goods and services. Yet in many cases, these company leaders are […]

Branding, Digital Media PR, Industry News, Technology PR/November 19th, 2014/

The Art of Storytelling for Startups

The first few years of this decade have proven to be a bullish time for those who are able to combine technical expertise with business […]

Public Relations, Social and Digital Media, Startups, Technology PR/September 9th, 2014/

Using Targeted PR to Increase Workplace Giving

The workplace is a great place to collect donations for nonprofit organizations. However, a recent trend has seen a decrease in the amount being given. […]

Public Relations, Technology PR/September 2nd, 2014/