New York, NY – April 14, 2013 – With the release of GI Joe a few weeks ago, the summer blockbuster season officially opened two months early. It will be followed by a steady stream of captivating action movies and thrillers through September. What lessons can these global blockbusters teach us about entertainment marketing and public relations?  So what can NY PR Firms Learn from Summer Blockbusters?

Cross promotion is a must

The producers of GI Joe: Retaliation already had two generations of star power – Bruce Willis and Channing Tatum in starring roles – but when it came time for cross-promotion, they chose to swing for the fences. Another star of the movie also happens to be the most popular brand in the most successful entertainment machine on the planet – World Wrestling Entertainment. In the months prior to the movie release, Dwayne The Rock suddenly started making guest appearances on Monday Night Raw. Then he was at Madison Square Garden at WrestleMania. Because of this cross-marketing, millions worldwide got excited about GI Joe. The lesson? Find creative ways to borrow publicity from complementary promotions or productions.

Don’t alienate your “spillover” audience

How do you get women interested in an action movie about a bad boy biker turned bank robber? Simple, if your public relations agency is promoting the new movie, Place Beyond the Pines. Saturate your previews with a shirtless Ryan Gosling. There’s not a woman in America who does not sigh when they think about The Notebook. Now, when they watch these previews, suddenly this shoot-em-up feels like a sensitive date movie. Best of all, the promotions make this happen without putting off their target audience. The lesson? Craft your marketing and content to appeal to your base without losing important decision makers.

Be everywhere

When they released the series reboot, Star Trek went old school, with characters appearing on glasses available at fast food joints. This time around they have taken the web by storm. Lifestyle sites like Slate and even business magazines like Forbes are covering James T. Kirk and company. This is in addition to the continuous feed of snippets, clips and short trailers on YouTube and the images Tweeted and Pinned on a daily basis. The lesson? Saturate every possible media experience with your message. From New York City to LA – and everywhere else, make it impossible for your target market to miss you.

Make it easy to share

The thing fans love almost as much as experiencing entertainment themselves is sharing it with friends. In fact, it could be argued that the shared experience is MORE important.  Think about how that works in today’s social media-controlled consumer environment. When a consumer finds something entertaining, exciting, fun or moving, they immediately want to share it. If they cannot, this creates a slight but very real frustration. Let the consumers use viral technology to create the buzz.

The lesson? It is your job to make sure messages can be shared quickly and easily in every possible media format.