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The Greater New York Taxi Association is an organization of progressive taxi owners who operate nearly 2000 yellow cabs in New York City including nearly all of the 231 wheelchair accessible taxis and the vast majority of hybrid restricted medallion cabs. The organization is the most vocal medallion organization in New York, consistently advocating for taxi drivers, owners, the City, and riders through advancement of policies and legislation that benefit all parties.

GNYTA came to 5W to help it promote a set of broad initiatives to enhance taxi-riding experiences for riders, drivers, and medallion owners. It is an ongoing campaign, with major successes among advocacy groups for riders, environmentalists, associations for people living with disabilities, as well as in some courtrooms, and among legislators and decision makers.


5W waged a grassroots and media campaign to bring a debate about the initiatives to community forums, courtrooms, and the media. These proposals in part demanded a larger fleet of wheelchair accessible vehicles and more environmentally friendly hybrids. Meanwhile, City leaders endorsed a singular model of taxicab that was neither hybrid nor wheelchair accessible, but which the City referred to as the Taxi of Tomorrow.

5W also brought another client, the Sergeants Benevolent Association, together with GNYTA for a partnership to help deter crime in New York with police officers and taxi drivers working together to keep eyes on the streets 24/7. At the launch of the partnership, Ethan Gerber, executive director of the GNYTA, said, "This is a perfect alliance, as police officers and taxi drivers are on the streets of New York together all day and night," and Ed Mullins, SBA President said, "There's no downside to it; we can create a safer and friendlier atmosphere."


5W's ongoing campaigns for GNYTA effectively educate the public on the issues facing the industry, puts the organization front and center in the public view. As a result, the conversation on how New Yorkers, legislators, and even media consider the taxi industry has changed. Included in 5W's coverage of GNYTA advocacy issues, have been profiles, national television segments, and editorial endorsements in media such as the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, New York Observer, Fox5NY, New York 1, and Capital New York.

PR firm, PR Agency, Public Relations - Greater New York Taxi Association