As agency of record for Lagostina in the USA, 5W Public Relations was tasked to launch Lagostina USA's Instagram profile with follower acquisition and engagement as the key goals. Starting with zero followers and no advertising support, 5W began the platform by sharing imagery and information that aligned with the brand's target demographic of food focused and family oriented followers within the USA. 5W has also been tasked with providing a continuous content creation strategy that presents the brand's variety of products and highlights the Italian culture.

Media Placements

Social Media Public Relations - 5W PR - Lagostina


5W Public Relations has utilized a variety of strategic activations to establish an engaged follower base for the account. These have included, but were not limited to:

  • Securing and promoting collaborations with influential bloggers;
  • Sharing celebrity endorsements; and
  • Promotion of product giveaways

The bloggers 5W targets to create original recipes and photographs of Lagostina's cookware continue to be an essential part of growth, as their incorporation of the brand tag on their account attracts new fans daily. Additionally, 5W ensures careful selection and management of bloggers ensuring that their photography will align with the brand's aesthetic


As a result of these tactics, Lagostina's account has developed an engaged and ever growing fan base. The images shared on the account all resonate with the brand's Italian heritage and rustic look. Additionally, maintaining a consistent voice for the account has helped to not only grow, but keep the followers we've attracted to date. As of late January 2018, the account has grown to 3.2K+ followers, a 1307% increase.

5W has implemented a blogger outreach program to build relationships with social influencers and brand-aligned bloggers who showcase Lagostina through their social media accounts and continue to be brand loyalists.