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Founded in 2002, the Philip Stein Company has brought an innovative outlook to the world of luxury products with their high-end collection of timepieces. By integrating Frequency Technology in the company's extensive collection of watches, Philip Stein has successfully combined the principles of overall wellbeing with a distinctive watch design that also helps to balance the body's flow of energy, aiding in a better night's sleep, less stress, and an overall improved sense of well-being.

Philip Stein hired 5W Public Relations to generate national consumer awareness for the brand and develop a strong brand identity as a luxury timepiece with a patented breakthrough technology. Our objective was to achieve an affluent/influential cult following of the brand, and reach new consumers through a consumer marketing campaign with heavy emphasis on media and viral tactics.


5W developed a multi-faceted consumer engagement and education program that included strong media relations, social and viral marketing, event marketing, and a celebrity brand ambassador program. Among a number of creative executions, 5W Public Relations developed a viral campaign: "Have You Slept with Philip Stein?" It was aimed at influential business entrepreneurs and successful CEO's who made the news for a stress-worthy event. For this initiative, influencers were gifted a high-end watches, and asked to fill out a survey on whether or not the watch helped them relieve stress during a time of pandemonium in their lives. 5W also works with its network of regional and national celebrities, producers, fashion stylists, broadcast wardrobe departments, and pop-culture and entertainment media. 5W continues to create a strong brand identity and targeted consumer awareness for the Philip Stein Natural Frequency Technology Watches by saturating the fashion, entertainment, health, wellness, and lifestyle media.


Results included a dramatic spike in website traffic, sales among retailers, as well as prominent media features including top coverage on People.com, Access Hollywood, Inside Edition, The Today Show, NBC Miami, a spot on "Oprah's Favorite Things," and much more.

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