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Since 1914, Sure Fit has been a leading provider of slipcovers and related accessories. A well-established brand with no major competitors, Sure Fit has enjoyed the lion's share of the slipcover market but wanted to further expand its consumer base to include a younger and more stylish demographic. This meant rebranding slipcovers, selling a new consumer on the benefits of the product in terms of style and function, and introducing new slipcover concepts.


The first challenge 5W met was to re-brand the idea of slipcovers. When some consumers hear the word "slipcover," they often think of the uncomfortable hard, sticky, vinyl sheaths found at grandma's house. 5W wrote and distributed an article educate lifestyle editors describing the "evolution of the slipcover" from utilitarian protection to changeable fashion statement, emphasizing the use of technology and mass-production to make market innovations in slipcover, from functional to fashionable.

Given the stagnant housing market and penny-pinching economic times, the 5WPR news bureau aggressively reminded home and style editors that a Sure Fit cover was a $100 budget-friendly alternative to buying a new sofa. We also let consumers know that refreshing a sofa with a new cover instead of replacing it, was not only budget friendly but eco-friendly too.

When Sure Fit released its first-ever Transit Cover, designed to fit around an airplane seat, 5WPR created media opportunities around heightened fears of flu season during peak holiday travel.


5WPR generated wave after wave of press coverage across the nation because of our education news efforts. We received standalone media places at outlets such as The Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, The Los Angeles Times, Apartment Therapy, InStyle, Newsday, Reader's Digest, The Today Show, Real Simple, Country Living and Business Week. Sure Fit has seen record traffic to its Web site directly following our campaign, and is now hitting record sales in part through our efforts.

Public Relations Agency – NYC PR Firm

Public Relations Agency – NYC PR Firm


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