5W’s Healthcare Public Relations campaign for CureDiva

CureDiva, the first ever high-tech community and shopping site for all women's breast cancer lifestyle needs whose mission is to help women facing breast cancer better their lives with style, tasked 5W Public Relations with executing an October media event to help launch the website during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Created by Efrat Roman, a single mother currently experiencing breast cancer, this website will revolutionize the way women deal with their daily needs, while maintaining their femininity during their breast cancer battle and beyond.

CureDiva's new designated lifestyle and fashion site offers a personal, comprehensive and tailored social shopping experience for women coping with breast cancer at all stages, as well as their families and friends who support them. CureDiva's innovative system is designed to give real solutions for all women's personal and lifestyle needs when dealing with their disease and serve as the driving force behind positive lifestyle choices.


To generate significant media awareness around the launch, 5W strategically partnered CureDiva with celebrity breast cancer survivor, E! News' Giuliana Rancic . Giuliana is a television personality and journalist appearing on popular television shows such as E! News, co-host of fashion television show's Fashion Police, and a red carpet reporter, appearing at important celebrity events, from the Oscars to the Golden Globes. Giuliana discovered her diagnosis while undergoing a mammogram before her third round of IVF treatments to attempt pregnancy. After carefully debating treatment options, Giuliana underwent a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Giuliana has made her entire battle, from diagnosis to awareness, public and has become a huge advocate for young women going through breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. She was the perfect spokesperson for the launch event and to represent CureDiva.

The event was held as a luncheon at the airy loft at the Bryant Park Hotel, a location fully accessible to editors and media. Guests enjoyed a light, healthy lunch, blush wine and a nice afternoon while listening to a presentation about CureDiva. Images of the website were displayed throughout the loft space and iPads loaded with the CureDiva website were placed at each table next to a display of pink and white flowers and CureDiva logo coasters.

CureDiva Founder Efrat Roman kicked off the event by introducing herself and her vision, including what led her to eventually develop CureDiva. Ester Gofer, the site's designer, followed with a discussion about the site's functionality and uniqueness. Finally, Giuliana was introduced. She discussed her experience with breast cancer, her thoughts on the site, and how it would have changed her experience if she, or someone close to her, had access to it during her diagnosis and treatment. Giuliana and Efrat then took media questions and did on-site interviews.

As a social media component, 5W created an exclusive hashtag "#CureDivaLaunch," to create immediate, on-site buzz surrounding the event and the new site. Throughout the venue, the hashtag was included on all event signage as a reference and guests were encouraged to post exciting, live photos and videos during the event, while tagging the hashtag.


5W secured 55 top editors, producers, and freelancer writers to attend the event, and created social media buzz during and after. The social media blitz was seen across all platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with editors uploading images of the event using #CureDivaLaunch.

More than 55 tweets, Instagram and Facebook photos were posted of personal images with Giuliana and Efrat, website images and photos from the launch event, reaching more than 440,000 fans. The event also garnered a huge variety of media placements, amounting to over 200 million impressions. 5W's personalized and tailored approach to outreach and follow-up has helped maintain key relationships for future opportunities. 5W continues to garner relationships with the media who attended the event to secure CureDiva in October Breast Cancer Awareness Month features as well as long lead publications.

5W’s Healthcare Public Relations campaign for CureDiva
5W’s Healthcare Public Relations campaign for CureDiva
5W’s Healthcare Public Relations campaign for CureDiva


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