Groupe SEB, the parent company of a leading portfolio of housewares, kitchen, and personal care brands, including All-Clad, KRUPS, Rowenta, T-fal, Lagostina and IMUSA, is a client that 5W has supported since 2011.

As part of our on-going work for the portfolio, the 5W team has been tasked with generating major awareness among consumers, media and culinary influencers during the holiday gifting season, a key time for brand sales. Understanding that the lead up to the holiday season is critical for seeding influencers with new products and securing coverage for the brands as holiday must-haves, 5W kicked off its holiday initiative with a three-pronged event designed to garner traction for each brand among Groupe SEB's target audiences of bloggers, culinary Instagram influencers and top-tier media.

Media Placements

Media and publication placement for Groupe SEB


To achieve the overarching goal of garnering awareness among influential editors and bloggers as they prepare to feature holiday gifting in their articles and posts, 5W created three distinct experiences throughout the day which were designed to appeal to each audience on a personal level, encouraging attendance, education and brand loyalty. To further our reach, each aspect of the event was tied to a social media call to action which prompted attendees to share their experience in real time with their followers.

Curated Blogger Breakfast
To build personal connections for the brand amongst the highly-influential food blogger community, 5W ideated, managed and executed a Blogger Breakfast as a new component of the annual event. As a key aspect of the experience was to facilitate one-on-one conversations with bloggers, 5W conducted intimate product demonstrations and food tastings for attendees. Throughout the event bloggers participated in a 'Round Robin' series of small group demonstrations, interacting with brand representatives, learning tips and tricks for working with each product, as well as tasting foods prepared by celebrity chefs Chef Chris Hastings, Chef Aarón Sanchez and Chef George Duran.



Over 140 editors, influencers and bloggers attended the event, far surpassing the attendance of previous years

Over 60% of the attendees participated in the contest, equaling an Instagram reach of nearly 250K

The number of photo "likes" across event-related Instagram posts was nearly 8,500

Sample feedback included:

  • "I've always had a penchant for copper cookware, and seeing it in action today... I want it... all of it."
  • "Most gorgeous lavender mocha (and coffee art) with @KRUPSUSA."
  • "What better way to start the morning than by having breakfast with fellow foodies? I'm so full from everything I ate, and can only thank the exquisite job the chefs did to satisfy our bellies."
  • "What a way to start the morning at #GroupeSEBforBreakfast at @HavensKitchen got to learn about some awesome new cookware, eat WAY too much and meet some lovely fellow foodies, had to resist running off with these orange zest beignets... @KRUPSUSA, @Tfalusa, @lagostina, @imusausa @allclad."