NYC based start-up, Paintzen, is an on-demand home and office painting service that will manage any paint job start-to-finish via its online portal. In a world saturated with "uber-everything," 5W has been tasked with generating consumer facing media to increase overall brand stature and sales.

Recognized as an emerging tech company, Paintzen came to 5W in need in of a campaign to build brand visibility outside of traditional technology and business focused channels and to drive press that resonates with home enthusiasts.

Media Placements

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Given that Paintzen was available in select markets, but growing, at the onset of 5W's campaign, 5W has developed a campaign that would resonate with press throughout the country regardless of whether or not the service is currently available in a specific area. To do so, the team analyzed the news cycle and identified the growing trend of "digital décor" companies - businesses that help with home improvement via online capabilities. 5W then dubbed this concept "The Digital Décor Movement" and has positioned it as the impetus behind all media relations efforts in order to establish large-scale brand relevancy. This has involved:

Expert Positioning - 5W recruited Paintzen's lead Project Manager, Kristen Chuber, as the resident "Digital Décor Expert," which enables the team to offer her insights to media nationwide as the content is not restricted to any particular market.

New Market Roll-Outs - As Paintzen launches its service in new markets, 5W uses the "Digital Décor Movement" as a key point of differentiation to showcase the company's unique and modern approach to home renovation and generate brand excitement, as well as the convenience and accessibility that Paintzen offers.

General / Trend Focused Media Relations - 5W continues to pursue and obtain new opportunities for Paintzen, all of which place the company at the forefront of the online design industry.


  • Total client media impressions garnered by 5W to date: 233,171,248
  • 5W has secured high profile media coverage from respected home and lifestyle outlets, including: Elle Décor (Online), House Beautiful (Online) and Design & Trend
  • 5W has secured hyper-targeted placements around new market roll-outs in prominent local media outlets, such as: Boston Magazine (Online), CBS Washington, D.C., and Style Carrot
  • 5W has secured continuous media coverage from top consumer facing outlets, including: Yahoo Style!, Pure Wow, Digital Trends, and MSN Lifestyle

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