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PlumOrganics, the premiere line of organic, healthy, and delicious foods for babies, toddlers and children, hired 5W to increase brand awareness and position PlumOrganics as the #1 baby food line in America, owning the juvenile nutrition category with aggressive media coverage, while branding the launch of the companies’ new products and specialized spokespeople.

5W leveraged the brand's origins and branded President & Founder, Gigi Lee Chang, as an expert in the mommy market to keep PlumOrganics top of mind among the media and moms. In addition to securing healthy parenting stories for PlumOrganics, 5W simultaneously utilized celebrity interest with top celebrity moms such as Angela Kinsey and Tiffani Thiessan with creative angles and consistent efforts in celebrity and entertainment media.

5W was able to secure top-tier parenting, celebrity and feature media opportunities about PlumOrganics and related news topics in coveted media outlets such as the Today Show, Ellen, Forbes, USA Today, Fox Business, Pregnancy & Newborn, Fit Pregnancy, Babble, Parents, Family Circle, Parenting, Entrepreneur, OK Weekly, US Weekly and People.


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