ROBLOX, the world's largest user-generated video game platform that enables millions of kids and teens around the world to create, share and play their own original games across PC, Mac and mobile devices, engages 5W Public Relations to build brand awareness and drive growth of its young user base through coverage from technology and gaming media. Focused on creating awareness of ROBLOX's value for education and young entrepreneurs through its accessible and free developer tools and revenue-sharing program, 5WPR is tasked with creating opportunities around:

  • ROBLOX's Developer Exchange (DevEx) program, enabling top-rated developers on ROBLOX to earn money through in-game purchases made by players
  • New ROBLOX features and apps, including the ROBLOX app for Android and the Smooth Terrain developer feature
  • ROBLOX's educational value for engaging young gamers in learning coding and developer skills
  • ROBLOX's position as a disruptor to the gaming industry with user-generated gaming

Media Placements

Media and publication placement for Roblox


5W has developed a strategic PR plan for ROBLOX to help it break into mainstream media across gaming, consumer tech, lifestyle and business verticals with consistent messaging around the platform's educational value for learning developer skills. The 5W team targets news opportunities around company announcements, including around its DevEx program, the ROBLOX Android app launch and the launch of its Smooth Terrain feature, securing early product demos and interviews with media to maximize coverage around announcements from gaming and tech media. The team also develops thought leadership opportunities for ROBLOX executives to discuss the platform's unique offerings and offer expert insights into how user-generated content is transforming the gaming industry.


5W has secured consistent media coverage around timely news and feature opportunities to develop awareness across ROBLOX's target verticals, helping position the gaming platform as the leader in the emerging user-generated gaming space.

Notable achievements include:

  • News of the DevEx Program has appeared in such national and international publications as TechCrunch, VentureBeat, The Guardian and Fast Company
  • Targeting profile stories across technology, lifestyle and business outlets, 5W has secured over 60 original stories on ROBLOX's platform, programs and community, including such notable outlets as:
    • Los Angeles Times
    • San Francisco Chronicle
    • The Guardian
    • Inc.
    • Re/code
    • VentureBeat
    • Gaming Blend
  • ROBLOX has grown from 685 million unique yearly site visits to 914 million, a more than a 30 percent increase in site traffic
  • Since the launch, the DevEx Program has paid out over $1 million to nearly 400 participating developers around the world
  • Because of 5W's success in building recognition for ROBLOX, the company has surpassed milestones such as 60 million users and 4.75 million games created just in the past year

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