Israeli-based ecommerce fraud-prevention specialist Forter approached 5WPR to help build brand awareness around its industry-disrupting solutions after securing Series A funding from Sequoia Capital. The company, whose founders have previous experience with the Israeli Defense Force and PayPal (sold two companies to PayPal), had developed a plug-and-play technology that simplifies online transaction approval in real time by combining advanced cyber intelligence, identity analysis and behavioral data to deliver a multi-layered fraud detection product. Prior to Forter's technology, businesses had to take on the risk when accepting online transactions, relying on manual review of red flags, which would result in a lower quality of customer service with delayed shipments, higher labor requirements, and losses from chargebacks on actual fraud as well as from unnecessary cancelations due to false-positives.

Forter completely automated the process, providing immediate approvals on transactions while decreasing false red flags on average by over 70% and increasing incremental sales by 10% - all while assuming the risk of chargebacks to their clients. 5WPR has been tasked with developing media opportunities to feature Forter's groundbreaking solutions as well as to develop thought leadership opportunities that highlight its executive team's expertise in the areas of ecommerce and fraud prevention within tier-1 technology and business media as well as influential ecommerce trade publications.

Media Placements

Media and publication placement for Forter


55WPR has developed a strategic public relations plan to build Forter's brand position as a leader in fraud prevention and as a disruptive force within the greater ecommerce ecosystem by leveraging the company's roots in security, defense and ecommerce as well as its deep insights into fraudulent ecommerce activities.

5WPR's strategy primarily focuses on:

  • Securing feature and profile opportunities around Forter's innovative products and company story;
  • Utilizing Forter's access to primary data on fraudulent online activities to develop mainstream feature opportunities that bridge the gap between the company's primarily B2B services with the broader consumer-facing media, including angles such as state rankings based on identity theft, ranking of card types by their records for fraudulent activities and the notable behaviors of fraudsters
  • Developing thought leadership opportunities, including for reactive expert commentary on timely industry-related news such as major cyberattacks and data breaches and for byline guest contributions on current industry discussions.


Since launching its campaign, 5WPR's outreach has provided Forter with more than 200 opportunities with the media, totaling over 215M media impressions.

5WPR has secured regular monthly feature opportunities around products, company news and studies with technology, business and trade media, including:

  • Bloomberg
  • ComputerWorld
  • TechCrunch
  • Fortune
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Fast Company
  • Forbes
  • VentureBeat
  • PandoDaily
  • USA Today
  • CNBC
  • The Observer
  • Lifehacker
  • Marketwatch

5WPR has secured more than 50 thought leadership opportunities for guest bylines and expert commentary within its targeted verticals, including:

  • FOX Business
  • The Street
  • Fast Company
  • Network World
  • ZDNet
  • Inc.
  • CIO
  • Internet Retailer

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