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The Trade Desk, powers the most sophisticated buyers in advertising technology. It has become the fastest growing demand-side platform in the industry by offering agencies, aggregators and their advertiser's best-in-class technology to manage display, mobile and video advertising campaigns.

For years, the narrative within the digital advertising landscape had been that Google and Facebook had a grip on the space that was unbreakable, especially by an independent player. The Trade Desk, after having gone public in 2016, was showing some positive traction in the public markets and among marketing professionals. Soon, an opportunity for an independent player to make their case to the market and drive company growth emerged. Frustration had started to set in for brand marketers who had an inability to access data and understand how they were benefitting from their spend as a result of Facebook and Google's data policies, and The Trade Desk needed to pounce. The company turned to 5W PR to take advantage of that window, and position the company as a viable independent competitor to Facebook and Google, and aid in driving company growth and value.

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The Trade Desk

The 5W team distilled The Trade Desk's objectives down to what became the three core program tenets: the corporate story, unique campaigns and narratives, and executive profiles. While there were several challenges that had the potential to stifle progress in achieving the campaign objectives aligned with each tenet, the 5W team was able to identify a number of opportunities that would shape their strategy for success.

In developing their strategies, 5W also took into account the media audiences The Trade Desk was looking to reach, focusing on business, mainstream, tech, advertising and regional publications, as well as those that featured editorially-driven lists and awards.

As a public company trading on NASDAQ, quarterly earnings reports and annual investor days served as opportunities for 5W to engage the press at top-tier business and tech publications, as well as trades, to call attention to the company's aggressive growth as well as core messages and initiatives. Beyond earnings, the team centered outreach on The Trade Desk's growth and newly-minted $6 billion valuation to amplify interest around the company.

To further set The Trade Desk apart from both big tech and other industry players, 5W executed a risky two-prong launch approach surrounding The Trade Desk's initiatives in the Chinese marketplace. For the initial announcement, the team focused on the initial announcement of the company's arrival in China, while the second was centered upon the announcement of partnerships with Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent. The former was pitched under embargo, while the latter was pitched as an exclusive with Forbes since the launch news was already live.

The Trade Desk
The Trade Desk

As a result of 5W's efforts, 390 top tier placements were secured, getting The Trade Desk in front of all target audience groups including CMOs, tech investors, agency executives and top tech talent.
Total Media Impressions: 9,033,819,581

  • CNBC
  • Fox Business
  • Forbes
  • Business Insider
  • New York Post
  • AdAge
  • TechCrunch


Top-tier placements.


Total media impressions.

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