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Case Study / Digital Ocean


DigitalOcean, the world's simplest and fastest cloud hosting service, offers SSD based cloud hosting, allowing users to create a cloud server in 55 seconds at affordable pricing plans suitable for every budget. 5WPR was tasked with creating and executing strategic public relations initiatives, increasing the number of servers launched through DigitalOcean's platform.

Digital Ocean

5WPR focused on positioning DigitalOcean as an emerging competitor of both Amazon and Rackspace, while also installing its CEO, Ben Uretsky, as a thought leader in cloud technology. We have sought out and secured opportunities for him to provide expert commentary on the continued growth of cloud services in both small businesses and large corporations, highlighting DigitalOceans' unique offerings for large company hosting and small developers.

55W has located announcements where the firm could highlight its status in the industry, including announcements of $3.2 million funding from IA Ventures, and a $37.2 million round from venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. 5WPR has navigated DigitalOcean through additional announcements and strategic positioning regarding the platform's switch to SSD technology; Singapore's second data center; Amsterdam's data center; additional new hires and the company's announcement when the platform surpassed Amazon in growth.

Digital Ocean
Digital Ocean

Since 5W's work driving the launch and media coverage, DigitalOcean has increased its customer base by over 300%. The company spun over 200,000 virtual private servers since it named 5WPR as its agency of record. Today, the platform has launched more than 1,200,000. Additionally, DigitalOcean now sees 25,000 unique monthly visitors to their website, compared to 2,500 at the beginning of the media campaign.

The IA and Andreessen Horowitz funding announcements resulted in top-tier placements including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, New York Post, New York Daily News, TechCrunch, Re/Code, GigaOM, VentureBeat, PandoDaily and several startup and cloud-based trade publications.

In an interview on This Week in Startups, DigitalOcean CMO CMO Mitch Wainer discussed the company's rapid success with entrepreneur Justin Calato, stating "5WPR... they did a great job... You want a firm that has those established relationships." The full interview can be seen below.


Increase in customer base.


Unique visitors monthly.


New private servers.

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