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Public Affairs & Government Relations


The 5W Public Relations (5W) Public Affairs and Government Relations team confidently solves tough problems. Our team has done it all, from managing high-profile local issues, to handling major public affairs projects in the U.S. and abroad, to hosting foreign dignitaries on U.S. visits.

5WPR helps you manage your reputation and monitor the regulatory and legislative environments in which you operate. We work with your organization to identify the top issues and legislative battles that impact your business. From there, we identify stakeholder groups that can have an impact on your organization and then we establish and cultivate positive relationships with your key audiences.

From elected officials and news media to industry experts and academic voices, 5W engages opinion leaders who will champion your cause and serve as an ambassador to your audience.


Our work spans from major policy issues to media intended to thought leadership, surveying-both sides of the political aisle, and including leading foreign government allies of the U.S., political leaders such as the American Center for Law & Justice, The Government of Israel, Travel Alberta, President of Serbia, Albanian American Civic League, Lebanese political leaders, Congressional candidates, leading Christian religious figures, including some of America's most influential evangelical leaders, public and private corporations on public affairs matters and a variety of public interest organizations.

In New York City, we represent amongst others, the Sergeants Benevolent Association, one of the largest police unions in the United States as well as countless other concerns with political interests which are top of mind.

Work For Public Affairs & Government Relations:

  • Integrated Campaigns
  • Crisis PR
  • Media Relations
  • Strategic Messaging
  • Issue Advocacy
  • Grassroots / Grasstops Coalition Building
  • Traditional and Earned Media
  • Elected Official Engagement
  • Third Party Partnerships
  • Online Campaigns

I have worked with 5WPR many times over the years on a variety of campaigns and they consistently deliver on results and provide client service, which is second-to-none. They bring the kind of creativity and expertise to the table that we've not seen anywhere else. We love working with 5W's enthusiastic and professional team. I highly recommend them.

Robert Amsterdam,
Amsterdam & Partners

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