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Social Media Agency

Today, thinking about PR naturally encompasses social media PR and digital PR. There is now an innate connection between social media channels and public relations for companies around the globe. The expert social media strategy team at 5WPR specializes in creating engaging content and a narrative on social channels that connect your brand with the target audience.


Between more traditional social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or the newer ones, like Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and Snapchat, it takes a lot of different skills and abilities. Creating effective media campaigns for each of them, or even selecting a few of them can be a laborious process. The process to develop your social media for pr strategy is much easier via the social media marketing experts at 5WPR.

Our team understands the intricacies of each social media platform and has an uncanny ability to use any form of media to communicate a brand’s message to its audience. Using platforms to their fullest capabilities, they can communicate ideas and messages in real-time, which is an extremely valuable tool for any brand’s public relations campaign.


The social media professionals at 5WPR have a deep understanding of the current trends and behaviors of online culture, so each client can be sure that every single message is carefully crafted and also highly relevant before it’s sent out into the world to deepen the relationship between the brand and its customers.

Whether a brand is looking to increase sales, build awareness, work with specific journalists or influencers or is looking to simply improve visibility within top media outlets, 5W PR has the perfect team of people that can take care of those tasks. The team is comprised of experts within various areas of social media marketing, as a way to ensure each social media program is uniquely result-driven, according to the standards set by the client.


At 5WPR, when it comes to social media marketing, the goal is to help each client refine their online presence with improved use of their social channels. This includes creating engaging content and a social media campaign that blends social media and PR together.

From maintaining a relatable and well-crafted narrative in the social media space, our clients also get the benefit of working with social media influencers, which can boost a brand’s social media presence and brand awareness - as well as leveraging our expertise as a leading PR Agency.

While communication between a brand and its customers used to be a one-way street, where the brand would send out messages into the ether, hoping that they stuck, that has changed thanks to customers engaging with their favorite brands on social media platforms. However, that’s still a delicate field, as responding the wrong way could negatively impact a brand.

The team of social media management professionals at 5WPR is prepared for those scenarios as well, and offer many other excellent social media skills, including:

  • Social media strategy and analysis
  • Social listening and metrics
  • Content creation
  • Social advertising
  • Social brand campaigns and influencer programs
  • Online reputation management and online crisis PR