5WPR Integrated PR & Marketing


5WPR designs and executes integrated marketing campaigns that resonate across channels and expand the brand's ability to speak directly to target audiences. Taking a multi-channel approach allows us to orchestrate a seamless brand experience for customers while maximizing ROI.

We enable integrated marketing programs to support every client's growth strategy and brand ambitions. Our integrated marketing campaigns target, attract and motivate the audience.

From ideation to strategic planning and measurement and continuous optimization, we use tools and tactics that are proven including:

  • Community Activations
  • National & Regional Consumer Sampling
  • Content Marketing Creation
  • Radio Promotions
  • Regional Retail Marketing
  • Multi-Market Tours
  • Affiliate & Co-op Marketing
  • Grassroots & Mobile Marketing
  • Guerilla & Viral Marketing
  • Full-Service Marketing Plans
  • Digital Marketing Ideation
  • Brand Messaging
  • Target Audience Segmentation


Both PR and marketing share an important goal. They both seek to build brand awareness and improve a brand's reputation. Integrated marketing and integrated PR are essential in relaying and amplifying crucial brand-related messages, and achieving business goals.

Through an integrated PR and marketing approach, 5WPR makes both practices more efficient and highly effective. Here's how 5WPR's integrated PR and marketing approach can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of a brand's campaign.


With our integrated marketing approach, brands don't have to choose between digital and traditional marketing, PR and media channels. We can work with any brand to develop tailored strategies for PR and digital channels. From traditional print media to different and dynamic social media, brands enjoy more visibility and awareness across a variety of channels.


Our approach ensures that we target audiences across digital and PR channels, increasing a brand's visibility and cutting costs. At the same time, targeting audiences across PR and digital channels can lead to more conversions. Through our integrated approach, brands reach more target consumers, meaning more leads, and, ultimately, more conversions.


Consistent messaging among consumers or audiences is highly dependent on its tone and voice in different campaigns. Revamping a brand's tone and voice can lead to confusion among a brand's audience. However, with our integrated marketing approach, brands can avoid confusing clients or audiences. With the integrated PR approach, our professionals coordinate digital marketing and PR efforts to ensure that all brand messages remain consistent.


Ranking on the first page of Google's search engine result pages (SERP) is considered a crucial element in beating competitors hands-down. With our integrated marketing approach, a brand's well distributed press releases and SEO-optimized content offers important backlinking opportunities, boosting the brand's SEO results. Combining PR and marketing activities enable our PR and marketing pros to employ a wide range of SEO best practices leading to better rankings for a brand's content.


With our integrated marketing strategy, brands can save some bucks. Since numerous pieces are involved in creating winning campaigns, our integrated approach saves brands the trouble of creating each component on different occasions. Thanks to our integrated PR approach, clients can easily repurpose content on different channels. Not only does this approach cut costs, but it also plays a role in maintaining a brand's tone and voice consistent across different media long term.


Marketing can be challenging, especially when a brand that doesn't have credibility tries to beat its competition. 5W's integrated marketing efforts and PR approach, allow emerging brands to springboard off the popularity of other entities in their sectors. 5W's PR pros can work with different influencers and media outlets to build relationships that can support an emerging brand's credibility, thus enhancing its competitiveness in its new market.

For more information on 5WPR integrated PR & marketing, please email us at info@5wpr.com or call 212-999-5585.

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