Strategic Planning

A successful public relations campaign requires strategy, direction, and focus. At 5WPR, we identify and analyze short and long term goals, as well as examine where the organization stands right now.

This allows us to take a holistic approach to a client's needs, and it enables us to determine the most effective path forward, which includes:

  • Strategic Positioning Materials and Positioning Statements
  • Industry Research & Analysis
  • Strategic Partnerships & Co-Branding Opportunities
  • Spokesperson Management
  • Trade & Retailer Relations
  • Forecasting



Being heard on a regular basis is an important aspect in helping brands stay on an audience's mind. At 5WPR, we help brands, with amazing products, services, and presentations, reach-out to their target audience to reinforce your mission and vision.

Since brands need a high level approach that keeps their stories or campaigns on the eyes and minds of their prospective clients, our strategic planning process helps brands create and distribute attention grabbing and memorable campaigns, on a regular basis.

Some tools that our PR professionals employ include social media articles, press conferences, press releases, media tours, customer testimonials, radio, interviews with the press, SWOT analysis, television, seminars, and speaking engagements.


Based on our strategy map, we are able to focus our action plan on initiatives that deliver results. 5W's strategic planning process helps our team avert the guesswork that accompanies creating plans on a monthly basis. With our strategic PR planning approach, clients and board members can rest-assure that their campaigns align with company mission statements and core values.

What's more, through our coordinated PR planning approach, PR pros will explore the suitability of a variety of traditional and new marketing techniques. Our approach ensures that 5WPR clients have an edge in their respective markets by releasing award-winning campaigns. Depending on whether our client markets locally or internationally, PR planning allows our PR professionals to slot in additional PR tactics that may improve a brand's reach.

Some PR tactics that can be included in a brand's PR plan include sponsored online events, prospecting for top-media interviews, exploring the possibility for guest speaking opportunities, sponsored offline events, consumer events, desksides, product launches, virtual conferences, webinars, and many more.


With a strategic PR plan, our communication and marketing experts help brands nurture their credibility. Through clear communication, our team helps brands convey their stages effectively. Working with brands and company spokespersons, our professionals offer training that ensures effective communication, whether the news is good or bad.

Through open communication lines, our PR team helps brands and companies employ well-planned social media, PR, and influencer campaigns to understand what clients want. The approach helps our clients to respond appropriately, building credibility.

Exhibiting consistency is another benefit that 5WPR's strategic PR planning accords. Through the expertise offered by our PR team, brands can learn how to create a positive image in which a brand's words and actions match. Matching a brand's words and actions builds a brand's credibility.


With crises hitting unexpectedly, brands must be prepared to fix crises or face challenges that accompany the erosion of a brand's equity. At 5WPR, our communication and marketing experts help brands adopt strategic PR objectives in their marketing. Thus, these brands do not react to crises once they occur.

Through strategic planning documents, our PR experts identify key stakeholders that can be targeted to stop the erosion of a brand's equity and drive conversations towards an organization's or brand's mission and goals. By creating the right message for the right stakeholders, our strategically planned PR approach helps brands make the best of crises.

For more information on 5WPR Strategic Public Relations Planning, please email us at or call 212-999-5585.

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