As today’s fragmented media marketplace makes it increasingly difficult to connect with consumers, the ability to develop credible and relevant brand awareness with the multicultural market has never been more critical. Since the beginning, one of the core competencies of 5W has been to create campaigns that forge deep connections with urban and multicultural markets.

5W's experience working with leading companies who seek to reach these audiences runs deep and has earned us industry accolades including the PR News Agency Elite Award for Marketing to Latinos. Our team of experts works with our clients to target key regions and create strategies that remain on brand and honest for their brands and their target audiences.

At 5W, we understand how to reach each audience authentically, utilizing the right product placements, endorsements, viral marketing, event management, social media and other tactics to establish and maintain positive brand recognition.

This can include targeting brand ambassadors with high-profile and following within the appropriate markets, aligning our clients with events and brand partners that have significant reach and credibility within and among multicultural communities, and carefully crafting messaging that engages and appeals to these demographics.


5W crafted a campaign engaging our core consumer demographic during a key brand holiday, Hispanic Heritage Month. Our agency’s strategic digital and traditional media campaign not only resulted in 59% of our Facebook Fan Community actively engaging throughout the month, but also led to our website’s highest number of unique visitors per month to date.
Rachel Gutierrez, Director of Marketing,IMUSA USA, LLC