Today's news cycle is measured in seconds (on a slow day), and the Court of Public Opinion doesn't wait to pass judgment. We understand that when a crisis hits, minutes are money. That's why we get your message out first, framing the debate and helping your voice be heard.

5W Public Relations (5W) specializes in highly strategic issues and crisis management for companies or individuals facing unanticipated difficulties in the marketplace - from rumors to recalls - responding within minutes on crisis PR issues. We understand why a crisis is called a "defining moment" - and for this reason, our speed is tempered by an analysis of every possible scenario prior to taking action.

We've handled a broad spectrum of issues: IPO's, business and personal litigation, product recalls, trade disputes, environmental problems, warranty and product liability claims, sexual harassment and sexual discrimination cases, labor issues, criminal indictments and a variety of sensitive domestic and international political issues. Our reputation for combining cutting edge strategy with a rapid-fire, aggressive approach helps us achieve the results our clients desire - whether accurate press coverage, or none at all.

5WPR understands the importance of organic media and of Google and other search engines as "media." As the first place people turn when they are seeking answers, it is critical to manage the online search results for both companies and individuals, facilitate the removal of negative information, and help "own" relevant search terms.

Utilizing our unique abilities and algorithms, we are able to re-engineer search results to dramatically improve search engine results in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Our team utilizes websites, blogs, social networks, inter-linking, SEO copy writing, and more to generate results that directly impact on-line search results.

As a Public Relations agency, we're able to use our skills to create/link with positive content, some of which we control, and utilize aggressive search engine optimization techniques to help positive content rise in search results. We're uniquely qualified to help companies and individuals whose online brands have been damaged by crisis, and can help redefine and shape online reputation. Whether its managing online reputation management (ORM), framing an issue online, having your proper brand reflected online, responding quickly or creative cutting-edge strategy, we get it done.