5W Public Relations represents Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI), the largest disaster preparedness and recovery certification organization in the world.

DRI's executives looked to 5W to amplify the company's profile within the industry and distinguish their best practices in corporate and private sector business continuity. 5W was brought in to promote their disaster recovery concepts and accreditation programs to ultimately drive partnership, volunteer and certification enrollment.

Media Placements

Media & publication placement for Disaster Recovery Institute


DRI's mantra is that "things happen" and being prepared is important, but what's most critical is the response. To that end, 5W mirrored DRI's philosophy by relying heavily on real-time news monitoring for breaking stories and up-to-the-minute reactions to trending stories in order to achieve notable media exposure. 5W elevated DRI's media presence and garnered attention for the company landing a feature in Quartz that highlighted DRI's mission to certify and train people to respond to major disasters and business disruptions.

Building upon this strategy, 5W positioned DRI executives for features to prominently display their work and expertise. 5W explored ways to highlight their knowledge of supply chain disruption, natural disasters, crisis planning, climate resilience, and business continuity as it relates to leadership and management. 5W secured a segment with MSNBC, and articles in The New York Times and International Business Times.


5W's PR campaign for DRI launched the firm into the upper echelon of the business continuity and risk management communities. The publicity generated highlighted the company's common standards and practices which has driven further certification applications. The client has been featured across the spectrum of top-tier media generating over 400 million unique media impressions.

Notable media coverage includes:

  • Quartz
  • Daily News
  • Yahoo
  • U.S. News and World Report
  • The New York Times
  • Tech Target
  • The State
  • Crain's New York
  • International Business Times
  • Voice of America

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