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We are passionate about technology - wherever it is used and however it is applied. 5W Public Relations' entrepreneurial, agile, high-octane culture is an ideal fit for technology companies seeking visibility and relevance in today's fast growing digital world.

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Our zeal for the tech world is reflected in the diversity of our technology public relations client roster, which ranges from bootstrapping start-ups to young companies on steep growth trajectories to iconic brands. The 5W team brings both B-to-C and B-to-B technology companies the strategic and tactical skills necessary to stay in front of the multi-faceted technology communications landscape.

Some of our more exciting current clients include two unicorn companies: Zeta Interactive, a leading big data company that raised over $125 Million from Blackstone, and Avant who was recently named a billion dollar start-up by Forbes Magazine. Our other fast-growing clients in the business tech world include Jetsmarter (the "Uber" of private jets), Videoblocks, the fast growing subscription-based stock media company, Forter, a fraud protection company, and many more.

We Of Technology

The core of our success is our unmatched ability to distill the complexities of a client's offering and convey it in ways that are both comprehensible and compelling - creating messages that resonate with all stakeholders, including the media. We understand that the technology doesn't always drive the story and approach our programs by integrating corporate brand management, positioning, channel and financial communications as well as issues/crisis PR management as an integral part of an integrated marketing mix.

We Get You

In a space that becomes increasingly fragmented every single day, our team works with clients to navigate the complicated media landscape and deliver relevant and impactful messaging that resonates with media. We understand that, in technology, it is not enough to be relevant for today's news - the true game changers are those companies that are already writing tomorrow's headlines. Whether it is a mobile business, app launch, or a Fortune 500 company, our PR campaigns bring results.

From messaging strategy to targeted media outreach to thought leadership and business profiling, 5W employs an integrated strategy that moves the needle for our clients in the technology industry.

Technology PR Agency Client Testimonials:

"It's awesome working with 5W. We've worked with them on three product launches and each time they completely surpass our expectations for coverage and assist in getting us some deep connections in the industry. The team's amazing and we enjoy working with all of them. 5W is a breath of fresh air."

- Joel Holland, Founder & CEO, VideoBlocks

"5W connects us with all the right publications and helps spread global awareness of our brand. We're quite thrilled with their responsive work and industry connections."

- Ben Uretsky, Founder, DigitalOcean

"From strategy to implementation, forward thinking marketing skills to utilizing PR to grow our business, 5W has helped us to grow into one of the largest big data companies in the world. This PR firm is smart, focused and a business partner for us."

- David Steinberg, CEO, Zeta Interactive

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