5W PR Firm named 2013 Agency of the Year by The American Business Awards association Food And Beverage PR - Lance 5WPR launches campaigns that result in increased sales for food and beverage clients 5W Food & Beverage division helps clients make headlines 5W PR Agency named 2013 Agency of the Year by The American Business Awards association 5W works hard on helping clients identify and capture industry trends O'Dwyer's PR Report ranks 5W's Food and Beverage Division Pr firm client  roster includes Three Olives vodka and 1800 Tequila 5W Public Relations Beverage PR client roster includes Sparkling Ice

 5W Food PR and Beverage PR Firm

It's hard to open a magazine, read a blog or turn on the television without seeing a new story about a food or beverage trend. Often, the 5W food & beverage PR team is the source of those stories.

With new brands, lines, products and restaurants introduced each day, we understand competition for space (in shopping carts, on shelves, and in the media) is fierce. From facilitating the launch of new products to developing long-term creative strategies that ensure maximum media coverage, sell product, increase distribution and win market share, our experience and results in the food and beverage arena are unparalleled.

We've helped Whole Foods Market, 1800 Tequila, Sparkling Ice, Three Olives Vodka, Anheuser Busch, Evian Natural Spring Water, Hint Water, and International House of Pancakes (IHOP), M&Ms, Welch's Fruit Snacks, 1800 Tequila, Grolsch Premium Lager, The Original SoupMan and many others become the focus of the media's menu.

5W Food & Beverage PR Agency Client Testimonials:

"Our partnership with 5W over the past three years and combined focus on Sparkling ICE has helped TalkingRain become one of the fastest growing beverage companies in the U.S. The talented, passionate, hard-working 5W team has exceeded our expectations."
- Nina Morrison, Vice President at TalkingRain Beverage Co.

"5W Public Relations has achieved consistent, top tier results for Hint Water time and time again. They constantly bring creative, out-of-the box ideas to the table and execute tactful initiatives with seamless precision. The talent at 5W is top-notch and their team is fast and fearless. Hint Water is proud to have 5W as our PR agency of record."
- Kara Goldin, CEO, HINT Water

"Proximo was looking for a high-energy, fast-moving Public Relations company to manage our two fast-growing spirit brands - Three Olives Vodka and 1800 Tequila. 5W as our PR firm of record has been quick, responsive and very creative as well as living by their mantra of judging work by results."
- Elwyn Gladstone, Head of Marketing, Proximo Spirits

"5W has helped us gain huge visibility and growth for the brand by successfully establishing the VOGA Italia collection of wines as a lifestyle brand. They have the connections in place to integrate VOGA into high-profile and on-brand events that reached the fashion set, our target audience. Plus, they transform those opportunities into meaningful placements within top-tier media, driving consumer awareness and ultimately sales."
- Lisa Schuster, National Marketing Director, Enovation Brands, Inc.

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