5W Public Relations has been named 2013 NY PR firm of the Year by The American Business Awards 5W PR is a NY based PR Firm that manages public opinions and public affairs campaigns

 5W Public Affairs & Government Relations

The 5W Public Relations (5W) Public Affairs and Government Relations team confidently solves tough problems. Our team has done it all -- from managing high-profile local issues, to managing major political campaigns in the U.S. and abroad, to hosting foreign dignitaries on U.S. visits, we bring high-profile experience to every client we counsel.

With experience ranging from helping corporations with hot button issues, to handling strategic programs for government agencies, we are experts at influencing public opinion and advocating for change. Campaigns are customized to address every issue, leveraging our toolbox - polling, message development, coalition building, media relations, issues and crisis management, digital media and more - to get results. Our background, experience, know-how, and contacts - international, federal, state and regional -- ensures optimal results.

Our work spans both sides of the political aisle, and our representation has included leading foreign government allies of the U.S., political leaders such as the American Center for Law & Justice, The Government of Israel, The Tourism Ministry of Morocco, President of Serbia, Albanian American Civic League, Lebanese political leaders, the Christian Coalition of America, Congressional candidates, leading Christian religious figures, including Pastor John Hagee, Pastor Benny Hinn, and a variety of public interest organizations.

Other Work For Public Affairs & Government Relations:

  • Polling
  • Message Development
  • Crisis PR
  • Coalition Building
  • Media Relations
  • Issues Management
  • Digital Media
  • Media Training