Crafting the Message for the Leading Spirits Brands

As you know, there are a lot of buzzwords used in wine and spirits marketing today, but what do these words actually tell consumers about the products?

What influence do they have on purchasing?

For example, recent research from The Harris Poll shows that 60 percent of consumers think the words “handmade” or “handcrafted” communicate that a product is high quality.

To connect with consumers in ways that resonate and drive sales, your brand needs a tightly defined messaging and a communications strategy that audiences identify with and builds buzz for your brand. 5W Public Relations, an top 20 US PR agency whose clients include Three Olives, 1800 Tequila and Maestro Doebel, has prepared the infographic below to offer insight on buzzwords used in the spirits industry and their impact on consumers.

Here are the how the top Spirit Brands are Crafting their Public Relations Message:

Spirits Marketing: Beverage PR

The top takeaways and current trends in the wine and spirits industry:

  • “Handmade/handcrafted” tops the list as a mark of quality, with nearly 60% of adults saying it communicated that the product is high quality. “Artisanal/custom” are next, follow by “craft” and “limited edition”. “Small batch” trails the others with only 25% saying it influences purchases.
  • Handmade/Handcrafted – 59% say it affects opinion, 48% say it affects buying
  • Artisanal/Custom – 46% say it affects opinion, 36% say it affects buying
  • Craft – 44% say it affects opinion, 32% say it affects buying
  • Limited Edition – 41% say if affects opinion, 37% say it affects buying
  • Small Batch – 31% say if affects opinion, 32% say it affects buying
  • Some descriptions are just better suited for one product over another
  • Wine and spirits are best described by Limited Edition and Small Batch
  • 25-30% agree – Around a third of 21+ Americans feel “limited edition” and “small batch” are descriptive of wine and spirits
  • Beer best tapped into the Craft description
  • 52% agree – Over half of all drinking-age Americans feel beer is an appropriate fit for “craft”
  • “Handmade/handcrafted” and “artisanal” are terms more suited to foods like chocolate, coffee, baked goods and cheese
  • Not your grandfather’s cocktail
  • When it comes to influence on purchasing decisions, key differences exist between generations. Millennials are more likely than all other generations to say “limited edition,” “custom,” “artisanal,” and “craft” have some affect on what they buy
  • Limited Edition – 46% of millennials are influences, 46% GenX, 31% Boomers, 25% Mature
  • Custom – 46% of millennials are influences, 35% GenX, 30% Boomers, 27% Mature
  • Artisanal – 44% of millennials are influences, 34% GenX, 31% Boomers, 28% Mature
  • Craft – 39% of millennials are influences, 30% GenX, 28% Boomers, 21% Mature
  • Millennials: 18-37, GenX: 38-49, Baby Boomers: 50-68, Matures: 69+

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