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Agency Life

PR Campaigns Still Need People

These days, in many media circles, you can’t throw a rock without hitting someone talking about data analytics. Buzzwords like “measurable metrics” and “big data” […]

Agency Life, Public Relations/September 9th, 2018/

Proactive Responses to a PR Crisis

Sometimes, a PR crisis happens when you least expect it. Something you say, do, or publish that you feel is perfectly innocuous sets off a […]

5WPR Workplace, Agency Life, Inspiration, Public Relations/September 6th, 2018/

How to Use an Editorial Calendar

Have you ever wished you had a message ready at just the right moment? Have you ever seen an opportunity come and go because you […]

5WPR Workplace, Agency Life, Public Relations/September 1st, 2018/

The Best Way to Handle a Bad Media Interview

Landing an important interview with a popular industry publication can be an exciting part of a company’s PR strategy. However, while good interviews have the […]

Agency Culture: Interview a Coworker

By: Jake, SEO Specialist
Tell Us about Yourself
My name is Jake and I’m an SEO Specialist here at 5W Public Relations. I grew up in the […]

Agency Life/March 23rd, 2018/

5 Ways PR Can Maximize Your Next Marketing Move

By Alise, Associate Vice President, Beauty & Wellness
The best approach to marketing is an integrated, 360-degree view.
Consumer brands often think their big sale, fundraiser or […]

Agency Life, Branding, Public Relations/September 27th, 2017/

My Favorite Work Perk: Convenient Showers and Changing Rooms

5W Public Relations employees are passionate about their work and their interests. Agency life is busy, and we know how important it is for us all to take a break and pursue the hobbies we love in our free time. We’re so happy to hear that one of our facilities – the showers – has made life so much easier for Marijana G., one of our Consumer executives, who says the office showers have enabled her to make the most of her free time.


5WPR Workplace, Agency Life/June 12th, 2017/

Making the Most of Company Culture

The purpose of your company culture is not entirely about having happy employees; it’s also about strategy, and happy employees is often a positive by-product.  […]

5WPR Workplace, Agency Life/March 13th, 2017/