The world is getting smaller. The Internet followed air travel, ship travel and international mail in seeing to that. Now the world of film is erasing borders. Not that this is anything new. Hollywood has been influencing foreign cultures across the globe for generations.

But now that influence is coming this direction. Bollywood has chosen to host its “Oscars” ceremony and celebration in Tampa, Florida, in summer 2014. While this may not seem like huge news, Ronn Torossian says this is an entertainment PR blockbuster.

5WPR CEO on the impact of this international entertainment PR coup

This will be the first time this huge star-studded international event will be held in any city in the United States. For comparison, think about the PR buzz if Hollywood decided to host the Oscars in Paris, Berlin, London or Hong Kong.

Maybe this is Bollywood’s attempt to gain “street cred” in the industry by cozying up to the American media. Maybe this is a sign that India’s exploding film industry is gaining considerable international acclaim. Either way, this is a huge PR move.

Anything that happens in the U.S. entertainment industry gets international attention. Previous Bollywood Awards shows have been filmed and hosted in Singapore, Toronto, Dubai and London. And, while these international cities are undoubtedly posh and scintillating, the United States remains the gold standard in the film industry. Bollywood is certainly cognizant of what that connection represents.

This signals at least passive acceptance of the legitimacy of the Indian film industry in the United States. Sure, they are not doing this in California, or even New York, but the international tourist Mecca of central Florida may be a better choice for an initial foray in any case. The locals know how to manage international tourism and they maintain the facilities to show almost anyone a hot time in the summertime. Better than NYC or LA? That’s an apples and oranges question, almost literally. But those two cities offer bigger stages and an entrenched entertainment industry that may be more apt to treat Bollywood like an uninvited guest. Florida thrives on entertaining uninvited guests.

The final PR impact of this event is yet to be seen. But one thing’s for certain. If Bollywood can get a foothold in the United States, it could signal an international sea change in how film and film-related entertainment are consumed across the globe.