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Food and Beverage Industry Influencers

The food and beverage industry is quite unique in the ways that it doles out its accolades. All industries have their taste makers to be […]

Leverage your Oppurtunity: Top Tips for New PR Professionals

While there are several exciting career fields that an individual could opt to enter, choosing to become a PR professional can be uniquely rewarding.
This is […]

5WPR News, Agency Life, Branding, Public Relations/August 1st, 2014/

Selling Snacking: How Snack Companies fight the Snack Attack with PR

For those who constantly struggle with watching their weight, snacking is the bane of human existence. While mindless munching is an enjoyable (and addictive) activity, […]

Branding, Food & Beverage, Public Relations/July 28th, 2014/

The Trait that will EMPOWER your PR: Traits for PR Professionals

In a recent article at BizJournals.com, Stacy Epstein suggests that one leadership trait trumps all others. Now, everyone reading this may have their pick for […]

Branding, Industry News, Public Relations/July 24th, 2014/

Why Distinct PR Messaging is Key in Defining Your Brand in The Marketplace

If you ask any business owner, they’ll tell you the same thing: Today is more competitive than ever when it comes to making your brand […]

Marketing Yourself As Well As Your Product

Internet marketing is truly a friend to companies the world over. Where once before, thousands could be reached, today that number is replaced with millions. […]

Branding, Consumer Products, Public Relations/June 16th, 2014/

Branding and Public Relations Go Hand-in-Hand

While “branding” a product is all about promoting a term, symbol or a product name, public relations (PR) experts view their job as also pitching […]

Branding, Consumer - Lifestyle, Digital Media PR, Startups/June 2nd, 2014/

How to get Away with Taking Art from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

In an unprecedented move, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has recently released almost 400,000 iconic works, in the form of high-resolution computer images, to the […]