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Consumer Products

Google Glass: See The Picture of Love

Seeds is a heartwarming film about a man traveling a far distance to give a personalized gift to a woman he loves a great deal, […]

Is the Future of Nike in the Software Industry?

For the last several years, Nike has been toting its Nike Fit line of wearable tech equipment. These devices allowed runners and other individuals wearing the […]

Hollywood Hashtaggers Infographic: Celebrity Moms and Personal Branding on Twitter

The days of hiding in the shadows are over for the modern day celebrity. In order to stay relevant and gain continued popularity these Hollywood […]

Will Sony’s Unique Sales Strategy be a PR Bust?

Excited mobile fans in the United States are about to, finally, be able to get their hands on the celebrated new Sony Xperia Z2. But, […]

Consumer Products, Digital Media PR, Industry News, Public Relations/April 30th, 2014/

From Social to Sales: The Marketing and PR Power of Oprah

It is far from earth shattering news that a client placement on Oprah.com is a big deal says 5WPR CEO and Founder . Along with […]

Consumer Products, Social and Digital Media/November 12th, 2013/

3 Truths of Consumer Public Relations

Maybe you are one of them, but it’s a cinch that you have been in line behind one of them. You know, one of those […]

Consumer - Lifestyle, Consumer Products/June 5th, 2013/

Go Green with Beauty, Celebrate Earth Day

As the celebration of Earth Month comes to a close, we couldn’t help but notice here at 5WPR the growing number of beauty brands making […]

Beauty & Fashion, Consumer Products/May 1st, 2013/

Rules Of Mobile Marketing Which Every Consumer PR Firm Should Follow

Consumer Public Relations must embrace an active response to devices that can instantly blast reactions. A few years ago, if a consumer had an opinion, […]

5WPR News, Consumer - Lifestyle, Consumer Products/April 15th, 2013/