Seeds is a heartwarming film about a man traveling a far distance to give a personalized gift to a woman he loves a great deal, his mother, for mothers day. While wearing Google Glass the main character shows the audience his journey from his bedroom to his mother’s home in India. The viewer can observe the contrast between his home in the city and his home in the country. Google Glass strikes great Technology Public Relations with this video.

At the start of the video the audience notices the busy street is covered with cars, buses, and people. Observers of the video detect how busy the street is as a result of the main character displaying what he sees through Google Glass. In addition to witnessing the numerous cars,and street lights surrounding the street, it is easy for the viewer to imagine the noise the man wearing the glasses must be hearing. The honking of car horns directed towards passengers and other drivers to move out of the way; a sound that is not heard to the viewer,but is known to be present.

Roaring of numerous car engines flood the air with sounds of transportation. Buses roam the streets with passengers inside waiting to arrive at their destination. Viewers can sense the amount of talking that is flooding the air with muffled sounds of indescribable vocals running through the wind.

Walking through the countryside of India, the quiet solitude of life without oodles of cars, or technical devices can be a relaxing vacation. Rowboats instead of fast vehicles, and trees instead of buildings forces the watcher of the video to feel at ease with nature instead of man-made objects.

The caring son then arrives to his destination, a tiny home in a quiet town. Spectator’s of the video are finally introduced to the man’s loving mother.She is overjoyed to see him as assumed by the large smile on her face; showing her dimples. Tears of joy stream down her face identical to water pouring down a waterfall.

Placing his belongings down to signify he is finally home, he pulls out an envelope to present to his mama. The viewer is finally shown what was in the envelope the entire time. It must have been important, as he made a trip specifically to see the joy on her face when she saw it.

This video was shot using Google Glass. Technology can be a blessing and a curse; however, used responsibly can bring people together and educate people on what is around us. See the world differently with technology, but do not forget to look at the world.