Public Relations for Startups – 5W Startup PR Tips

Public Relations for Startups – 5W Startup PR Tips

So you have a great idea for a startup business – but now what? Startups who fail to plan are doomed to fail. That’s why a well researched public relations strategy is vital to insure the success of your startup idea. We have laid out in this infographic – several ways a Startup can leverage PR – to get their idea and brand to the next level. Here is our Effective PR for Startups infographic!

Public Relations for Startups

Public Relations For Startups

Public Relations For Startups

Know Your Edge:

What sets your company apart from competitors? Identify this and use it to your advantage throughout your PR campaign. This helps differentiate you from the crowd and will drive business to your brand.

Give Away Goodies:

If you’re selling a product, consider hosting a high-profile giveaway, promoted across all your social media accounts. This allows potential customers a chance to get hands-on with the product and then share their experience with the product.


Generate Buzz:

By using a Public Relations Firm, you are able to leverage their deep knowledge and expertise in helping you gain buzz for your company.


Get Press Coverage:

Journalists are looking for stories. You’re looking for coverage. Using effective Media Relations you can pitch your great idea and get major recognition.


Search Engine Optimization:

Integrate a SEO strategy into your PR campaign to improve your brand reputation and visibility online.


Guest Blog on a High-Profile Site:

Use your expertise to submit great guest blog to sites like Huffington Post and Forbes. This increases your brand’s exposure and your own involvement in the field.


Become a Though Leader:

In this social media-driven era, those with a large following have a big influence. Using Public Relations can establish you as an expert in your industry. By reaching out to

Attend Networking Events:

From conferences to local mingles, having a presence at local events is a great way to get your business’s name out there. This may offer unexpected opportunities to meet future clients or partners.


Personalize, Personalize, Personalize:

Templated emails to the media are not as effect as a personalized message. Adding a touch of personalization to each outreach email will help boost your open rate- and sales!



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