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Public Relations

PR’s Role in the Public Apology

It happens all the time:  the public apology. The latest mea culpa comes from Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, who during his State of the State […]

Branding, Public Relations/January 21st, 2016/

The Value of Public Relations in Education

The importance of public relations is perhaps best illustrated in one simple fact. Not only do more colleges offer public relations courses than before, but […]

Corporate & Technology, Public Relations/December 8th, 2015/

Quarter 4 Trends in PR, Social Media and Marketing

The worlds of social media, online marketing and public relations are fast paced and constantly evolving. In order to stay competitive in these fields, it’s […]

PR Services are Changing

Let’s face it, traditional PR services are changing; making way for a digital first approach to many PR Agency service offerings. One of the interesting […]

Industry News, Public Relations/October 21st, 2015/

Proxy Communications PR Strategy: 5 Ways to Inform Shareholders

Investor relations is a growing specialization of PR firms, and it’s not just about notifying shareholders when a vote is being called and making proxy […]

Public Relations/October 19th, 2015/

How to Maximize Media Impressions in PR

Maximizing anything is a long-game effort. PR and media impressions are not an exception. So here are some of the steps to include in your […]

Public Relations/October 8th, 2015/

PR vs. Advertising: What’s the difference?

Not everyone realizes there is a big difference between advertising and public relations. That’s because they see it all as information found in media – […]

Public Relations/October 5th, 2015/

International PR Strategies to Grow Your Business Around the World

Public relations is a massive industry, and your business must invest in public relations at home and abroad. You are clear on what works in […]

Public Relations/September 15th, 2015/