Search Giant’s Public Relations Gambit Grabs Attention

Google manages to stay in the news through a mixture of excellent technology PR and savvy attention-getting research. How many people have heard about the Google Glass, a product not anywhere near mass production? Yet, there are already extensive debates in serious circles about the marketability of this product. That, friends, is a sensational public relations win.

But what is it about another Google innovation, Google Earth Time Lapse, that hits all the right technology PR points? Ronn Torossian delivers the answers.

#1 – It’s the story of us

Google’s time lapse project shows, in stunning scope, the impact of humans on our planet. In clear and unambiguous graphics, Google Earth Time Lapse tells a very human story about the current state as well as the imminent future of our planet. Can its meaning be argued, extrapolated or debated? Of course. But that just makes the information more powerful.

#2 – Big name partners

Google’s partners for this incredible public relations gambit were NASA and Time. One is the zenith of all things having to do with out-of-this-world science, and the other is one of the top media brands in the business.

#3 – Current news

When talking about deforestation in Brazil and coal mining in Wyoming or the retreat of glaciers, these are issues that everyone has an opinion on. These are topics that have been the subject of conversation for years, and that conversation continues to snowball. In other words, this is a topic that is of interest currently, but also has substantial material to draw from. This is a great place to be from a Public Relations  standpoint. The released messages can appeal to either or both those who are entrenched on one side of the debate or the other as well as those who want to learn more about a subject they keep hearing about.

#4 – Easily absorbed information

This is not charts and graphs and lists of statistics. This is a moving visual, a gif slideshow that offers an easy visual punch for anyone looking for either a cursory introduction to the topic or ammunition to benefit his side of the argument. Again, this is a priceless public relations approach. When you can package information this attractively, you are sure to gain shares. And that is the gold standard in today’s social media approach to information distribution.