5 Necessary Social Media Tools to Build A Brand

You may have seen various infographics and memes humorously explaining the point of various social media outlets. They’re often good for a laugh, but in the end these messages do a disservice to solid PR tools. 5W Public Relations CEO Ronn Torossian lists five powerful social media sites and explains how they can amp up your online reputation.


Why not begin with the second most used “search engine” on the web. YouTube is a multimedia PR powerhouse. No matter what business you are in, videos are dynamic promotional tools. And they make terrific PR tools. But that is just the veneer. YouTube’s viral potential, Google ranking dynamic and ease of sharing make it too powerful to ignore. If your PR firm does not have you on YouTube  already, you need to get there. Now.


With over one BILLION accounts and more being added every day, Ronn Torossian says Facebook is a must for any modern PR campaign. You simply cannot afford to ignore it. This is a free platform that ENCOURAGES and COMPELS your fans to share your message … and it makes it incredibly easy to do just that. Video, audio, still images and text messages. Facebook is open to just about any PR media possible. And the average user checks it nearly 20 times every day. They are absolutely addicted to what “could” be there for them to see. You know what could be there? Your public relations message.


Marketers and businesses that dismiss Twitter as abbreviated hubris are really missing out. Very few media outlets offer the sort of interactivity provided by Twitter. Messages can fly fast and furiously … and they can be shared even faster. Brands and stars can use Twitter to incredible effect while interacting with fans from a safe distance. Yes, errant uses of Twitter can be problematic, but a careful and considered approach to this marketing tool can be infinitely more beneficial.


Share images, information, video and any other visual media quickly and virally with Pinterest. Once the haunt of recipes and crafts, Pinterest is quickly becoming a strong contender in the social media PR game. Brands can use it to reveal a bit of their softer or more personal side, but they can also communicate difficult facts in a visual form, increasing potential connectivity.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, what message are your images conveying? If they are on Instagram, the potentially is literally limitless. Again, this is another scenario where users are encouraged to share your content. Compelled to help you spread your PR message. Millions of consumers ready, willing and able to interact with and respond to your marketing messages. Do not miss this opportunity.

Ronn Torossian does suggest there is a common theme that runs through all social media PR campaigns, though. Your content needs to be planned and it needs to be measured. You cannot just start posting things. You need a team that can help you not only control the message but also convey it via the right outlet.

For more on how to succeed with social media PR, contact Ronn Torossian and 5W Public Relations.