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Digital Media PR

Five Ways to Use Social Media PR During Disasters

Though it is sad to say that this nation has been visited by more than its fair share of tragedy in the last year, both […]

Digital Media PR, Social and Digital Media, Social Media Agency/June 12th, 2013/

5 Necessary Social Media Tools to Build A Brand

You may have seen various infographics and memes humorously explaining the point of various social media outlets. They’re often good for a laugh, but in […]

Digital Media PR, Social and Digital Media, Social Media Agency/May 28th, 2013/

Search Giant’s Public Relations Gambit Grabs Attention

Google manages to stay in the news through a mixture of excellent technology PR and savvy attention-getting research. How many people have heard about the […]

Digital Media PR/May 27th, 2013/

Guide to PR in the Modern Age

Social media has redefined the way most businesses do their marketing. It has forced many businesses to alter the way they do business altogether, including […]

Digital Media PR, Technology Marketing, Technology PR/May 18th, 2013/