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Digital Media PR

Five Ways to Spot a Flaky Influencer

The rise of the Influencer cannot be overstated, and Influencer Marketing can be your firm’s best secret weapon. Still, as with any industry, the world […]

Branding, Digital Media PR, Public Relations, Social and Digital Media/October 15th, 2018/

Get real: VR vs AR vs Mixed Reality in 2019

When it comes to understanding the potential of virtual reality, brands and their marketing teams seem to have barely brushed the surface. Storytelling is everything […]

Digital Media PR, Media Relations/October 3rd, 2018/

Micro-Influencers & Social Media

If 2017 was the year of the influencer, where does that leave us now?

The third annual Launchmetrics State of Influencer Marketing Report at the end […]

Digital Media PR, Public Relations, Social and Digital Media/September 26th, 2018/

How to Craft a Contagious PR Message

For many people, sharing their message is easy. The real hurdle is how to get people to listen. The fact is, that can be a […]

Digital Media PR, Inspiration, Media Relations, Public Relations/August 19th, 2018/

Marketing Your Book Using PR

Companies and politicians aren’t the only people who need PR to help them build a reputation for themselves in today’s competitive marketplace. PR can also […]

Branding, Consumer Products, Digital Media PR, Inspiration, Media Relations/July 25th, 2018/

How to Align Your PR Strategy with SEO Trends

As the importance of digital marketing continues to reach new heights for modern businesses, SEO has become a critical component in getting the right people […]

Digital Media PR, Public Relations, Technology PR/July 9th, 2018/

Six Tips for Generating a Content Plan to Boost your PR Efforts

PR experts have a lot of experience creating exceptional content for their brands. In the digital marketing world, making the most of this content generation […]

Digital Media PR, Inspiration, Media Relations, Public Relations/June 25th, 2018/

5 Reasons to Integrate Your Marketing and PR Strategies

PR and marketing both share an important goal. They both aim to build awareness for a brand and improve that company’s reputation. Both PR and […]

Digital Media PR/May 21st, 2018/