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Technology Marketing

Is Wearable Tech the Future of Consumer Technology?

The technological advances for consumers seem to be coming thick and fast. The advent of “wearable” technology offers a new way of implementing some of […]

Branding, Public Relations, Technology Marketing, Technology PR/August 14th, 2014/

PR For Startups: Raise Money, Attract Customers and Go Global

Thousands of Startup businesses are beginning to rise. Despite the bad economy in some states, it is not uncommon for a wide range of companies ranging […]

Startups, Technology Marketing, Technology PR/July 2nd, 2014/

Wearable Tech as Medical Devices Revolutionize Healthcare

The possibilities for wearable tech have introduced many opportunities to better track health and provide quick access to data for practitioners.
The introduction of these smart, […]

Healthcare, Public Relations, Technology Marketing/June 26th, 2014/

Tech PR: $50 Million Dollars to Teach Young Girls to Code

Computer Science is one of the largest growing industries in the world today. But in an unusual trend, this particular area is dominated by males. […]

Kids These Days: Reactions to Rotary Phones, Older Computers and Walkmens

Kids today are used to computers. These computers fit into their pockets and run on their cell phones. Many of them have laptops and some […]

Teenager Starts Own Online Business with Bitcoin Fortune

Some people sneer at the notion of succeeding on the Internet through technology, but others have already learned that, as 15-year-old entrepreneur Erik Finman asserts, […]

Technology Marketing, Technology PR/June 18th, 2014/

Does your Facebook Strategy make your Brand look like Gargamel?

As any true child of the 80s knows, Gargamel is far from a friendly face. Bent on capturing Smurfs to turn them into gold, eat […]

The State of Public Relations

The technology revolution has turned the marketing and public relations world upside-down. In today’s world, traditional PR strategies and models no longer gain the traction […]