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Travel & Hospitality

All Hotels Need a PR Plan

Whether a hotel is small, inexpensive, luxury, a resort, near a national park, or something else, PR should be a primary concern for any destination. […]

Branding, Travel & Hospitality/April 4th, 2017/

Using PR to Increase Awareness of Travel and Hospitality Destinations

Keeping tourist destinations hot and relevant is the where tourism and hospitality meet public relations. PR can raise the profile of emerging destinations and enhance […]

Branding, Public Relations, Travel & Hospitality/May 8th, 2015/

Bollywood Invades Florida: Entertainment Public Relations

The world is getting smaller. The Internet followed air travel, ship travel and international mail in seeing to that. Now the world of film is […]

3 Ways Wifi in the Sky makes Business Travel More Effective

The New York Times recently published an article stating that the FCC has advanced its plans for faster in-flight WiFi service. This has business travelers […]

Social and Digital Media, Travel & Hospitality/May 27th, 2013/

NY PR Agency Positive Spin On Flight Delays

Public Relations Agency: “Regional jets mean more direct routes and fewer layovers.” If you work for a NY PR Agency representing any of the major […]

Travel & Hospitality/April 24th, 2013/

Travel PR Firms get a Boost from Mobile Offers

Travel PR Firms are using new tools to offer tourists “do it now” mobile offers and deals to boost sales. For mid-tier and secondary  tourist […]

Corporate & Technology, Travel & Hospitality/April 16th, 2013/