For those paying attention to the unsettling news from Ukraine, over 80  people were killed last week as political unrest turned into violence in the streets. The demonstrations of citizens unhappy with Ukrainian  President Viktor Yanukovych’s decision to reject a European trade deal  and receive a $15 billion Russian buyout, resulted in President  Yanukovych’s ouster from the capital last Saturday.

The Ukrainian parliament has decided to hold special presidential  elections on May 25, creating a mad scramble of politicians and  influencers in  who are getting funding and support together to run for the position. The opposition received a boost when former Prime  Minister Ms. Yulia Tymoshenko recent release from prison, ensuring  her the opportunity to vie for the position, while President Yanukovych  is committed to staying in power as well.  But, another contestant has entered the ring: Vitali Klitschko, a household name for American fans of boxing.

Klitschko. The Ph.D-holder nicknamed ‘Dr. Ironfist’ for his brutal success  in the ring, has been a part of politicas for some time,  failing in multiple efforts to become Mayor of Kiev, but winning a Parliament seat in 2012. The boxer with a lifetime record of 45-2 (wow!) has already been battling on behalf of the opposition, leading demonstrations calling for  Yanukovych’s ousting, then helping Parliament move the special election up  one year from 2015 to this coming May.

I met and worked with Vitali Klitschko in 2008 when he was running for Mayor of Kiev. He visited the 5WPR office prior to us launching the campaign, one that resulted in significant media pickup through newspapers, television, magazines, and online publishers. Klitschko is from a blue collar, military background and worked hard to  become the self-made man he is today. His success in the ring and strong  charitable efforts, followed by his political aspirations and success  after it, specifically in supporting the opposition (the Ukrainian people) has established his brand of being a consummate, hardworking Ukrainian seeking the best for his country.

I found Klitschko to be impressive and committed when I met him.