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Consumer – Lifestyle

Consumer PR: The Buying Behavior of Female Shoppers

Research consistently shows that the majority of purchasing decisions are made by women. More accurately, 85 percent which comprises a $14 trillion market. However, the […]

Consumer - Lifestyle, Consumer Products/October 14th, 2015/

Doing Back to School Marketing the Right Way

The back to school season is one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year, second only to Black Friday. This year, in particular, the […]

Duane Reade: Leading the Way in Content Marketing

When most people think about Duane Reade, the image that comes to mind is its ubiquitous presence on the streets of New York. What people […]

5W Trend Report: Q2 Social Media Insights

Brand owners who want to get the most out of social media and push visibility for their brands should look to trends for Quarter 2 […]

Food and Beverage Industry Influencers

The food and beverage industry is quite unique in the ways that it doles out its accolades. All industries have their taste makers to be […]

Why Distinct PR Messaging is Key in Defining Your Brand in The Marketplace

If you ask any business owner, they’ll tell you the same thing: Today is more competitive than ever when it comes to making your brand […]

Kids These Days: Reactions to Rotary Phones, Older Computers and Walkmens

Kids today are used to computers. These computers fit into their pockets and run on their cell phones. Many of them have laptops and some […]

Marketing Yourself As Well As Your Product

Internet marketing is truly a friend to companies the world over. Where once before, thousands could be reached, today that number is replaced with millions. […]

Branding, Consumer Products, Public Relations/June 16th, 2014/