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Agency Life/December 14th, 2015/

5WPR Giving

Charity is something that means a lot to the staff at 5W Public Relations. Our employees have causes that are very near and dear to […]

Corporate & Technology, Public Relations/December 8th, 2015/

The Value of Public Relations in Education

The importance of public relations is perhaps best illustrated in one simple fact. Not only do more colleges offer public relations courses than before, but […]

Technology PR/November 18th, 2015/

The One “Must Learn” Rule Programmers Can Teach To PR Professionals

Technology Public relations professionals should take a cue from what programmers learned through failed attempts and revisions, making tech communications easy for anyone to understand.

Best […]

Technology Marketing, Technology PR/November 9th, 2015/

PR For Cloud Computing: 5WPR & Taking Your Goals To The Next Level

Cloud computing has impacted virtually every industry sector, offering location-free, scalable solutions to software and communications problems previously considered insurmountable. Though their output runs the […]

Quarter 4 Trends in PR, Social Media and Marketing

The worlds of social media, online marketing and public relations are fast paced and constantly evolving. In order to stay competitive in these fields, it’s […]

5WPR News, Food & Beverage/October 29th, 2015/

🔥🔥 5W PR Helps Break Tomato World Record 🔥🔥

The hustle and bustle of Times Square was interrupted on October 13th – by a salad. For the 20th anniversary of client Lycored, the 5WPR […]

Crisis PR/October 27th, 2015/

4 Ways To Ensure Being Hacked Doesn’t Turn Into A PR Nightmare

With an estimated 10 million cyber attacks a day, the question isn’t if a company will get hacked, it’s about how to handle it when […]

Food & Beverage/October 23rd, 2015/

Crafting the Message for the Leading Spirits Brands

As you know, there are a lot of buzzwords used in wine and spirits marketing today, but what do these words actually tell consumers about […]