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Food & Beverage/October 23rd, 2015/

Crafting the Message for the Leading Spirits Brands

As you know, there are a lot of buzzwords used in wine and spirits marketing today, but what do these words actually tell consumers about […]

Industry News, Public Relations/October 21st, 2015/

PR Services are Changing

Let’s face it, traditional PR services are changing; making way for a digital first approach to many PR Agency service offerings. One of the interesting […]

Consumer - Lifestyle, Consumer Products/October 21st, 2015/

How to Build Strong Rapport with Your Customer Base

For many consumer facing companies, customers are the lifeblood of their success. They’re what keeps a business thriving and successful, so it would only make […]

Crisis Communications, Social and Digital Media/October 20th, 2015/

Social Media Crisis Communications

Social media has revolutionized communication. In July 2013, at the San Francisco International Airport, a Boeing 777 flight from Seoul, South Korea crashed at the […]

Public Relations/October 19th, 2015/

Proxy Communications PR Strategy: 5 Ways to Inform Shareholders

Investor relations is a growing specialization of PR firms, and it’s not just about notifying shareholders when a vote is being called and making proxy […]

Consumer - Lifestyle, Consumer Products/October 14th, 2015/

Consumer PR: The Buying Behavior of Female Shoppers

Research consistently shows that the majority of purchasing decisions are made by women. More accurately, 85 percent which comprises a $14 trillion market. However, the […]

Public Relations/October 8th, 2015/

How to Maximize Media Impressions in PR

Maximizing anything is a long-game effort. PR and media impressions are not an exception. So here are some of the steps to include in your […]

Public Relations/October 5th, 2015/

PR vs. Advertising: What’s the difference?

Not everyone realizes there is a big difference between advertising and public relations. That’s because they see it all as information found in media – […]