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Public Affairs – Government Relations

Feel the Bern: Sanders Finds His Marketing Groove

For a self-avowed Democratic Socialist, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders sure seems to know a thing or two about how to capitalize on your brand.

Sanders, the […]

Branding, Public Affairs - Government Relations/February 4th, 2016/

3 Ways for PR Pros to Brace the Boss for a Major Speech

President Obama delivers his final State of the Union Address Tuesday night, with the fight against international terrorism expected to take center stage.  A lot […]

Media Relations, Public Affairs - Government Relations/January 12th, 2016/

3 Suggestions for a Successful Trip PR Wise for Prince Harry

The British Royal Family has long fascinated Americans and our obsession for them runs deep. As a result, members of the British Royal Family are […]

Banks Need Crisis Management Public Relations

In the continuing fallout from the mortgage securities implosion, crisis public relations continue to be an integral component of rebuilding the reputations of the nation’s largest banks. […]

Public Affairs - Government Relations/March 19th, 2013/