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Social and Digital Media

4 Practical Reasons Why your E-mail PR isn’t Getting Through

Sometimes, when sending out public relations messages, it can be the basic things that trip you up. There you are, creating excellent public relations messages, […]

Futuristic Contact Lens Camera

Could the beginnings of making a real Six Million Dollar Man be in the process right now, says Ronn Torossian – CEO of 5W Public […]

Reasons Why Writing Still Matters

It goes without saying that good writing skills will always play a critical role in any society, although lately there has been a drastic decline […]

Industry News, Public Relations, Social and Digital Media/April 11th, 2014/

Richard Sherman Is Already A Super Bowl Winner

January has been quite a month for Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman. Stuck at the center of a swirling media storm after his bizarre postgame interview, after the […]

Exactly the Right Time to Shut Up

It was supposed to be just another innocently fun episode in the life and times of the cute little GEICO pig, the happy hog who […]

From Social to Sales: The Marketing and PR Power of Oprah

It is far from earth shattering news that a client placement on Oprah.com is a big deal says 5WPR CEO and Founder . Along with […]

Consumer Products, Social and Digital Media/November 12th, 2013/

LinkedIn Gets Their PR Right

In the wake of this summer’s National Security Agency (NSA) public relations debacle surrounding Edward Snowden revealing operational details of mass surveillance, the American public […]

Social and Digital Media, Social Media Agency/October 30th, 2013/

Facebook: Just because you can doesn’t mean you should

People call 5WPR all the time wanting to know if there’s a silver bullet to social media success. Not really, no. Building a solid reputation […]